something about me

So about me?

I like to call myself a visual storyteller as this is the best explanation I came up with after years of explaining to people what I am actually doing. So what do I do? I am extremely invested in telling stories of people and brands and things I am interested in. The thing is, with my line of work, I am one hundred percent sure that the stories I am covering make me excited. More importantly, I have to make sure the audience is just as excited as I am. This is what I do. Making people excited about stuff I have been excited about since 2017.

My Storie

I first picked up my dad’s analog Nikon fm3a when I was 12 years old. At the age I turned 15, I got my first digital camera. I shot some pretty mediocre music videos with it and fell in love with moving imagery. Almost four years later, I made the most significant investment to date. The camera is pretty big, so I figured it must be amazing. And it is. Here I am having my best time making commercials and films, working with brands like RedBull Austria, Pewag, Presono or Lidl Austria.